i'm not tryin' to bug you, babe, but i just got mugged today...

...and i need some money to buy candybars

cal(/vin/lliope) / genesis / whatevs

18, 070800

nb, any prns, they/them pref

i love my friends so so much and i would lay down my life for each and every one of them

hana song (ovw)
yoyo (jsr/f)
gaige (bl2)
neil perry (dps)

beverly marsh (it)
chris noel (dps)
linkle (hw)
zelda (botw)
pipimi (pte)
crow (mst3k)

tristana (lol)
monika (ddlc)
miho (liar liar)

instead of using a pass.. tell me your favorite song!